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If you are a homeowner in the Palm Beach area, you may be looking for ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and protect it from storms. One of the best ways to do that is by installing impact windows and doors in your home. Impact windows and doors can provide extra protection from hurricanes, reduce external noise levels, and keep your home cooler during hot Florida summers.

When selecting impact windows and doors for your Palm Beach home, there are certain factors you should consider such as size, style, material type, color options, ventilation needs, insulation factor, budget constraints etc. You should also think about whether you want single hung or double hung windows as well as what type of door would work best for your particular situation (i.e., sliding glass door or French door). It’s important to take all these factors into consideration when making your decision so that you end up with the best window and door solution for your home. 

You should also make sure that any window or door installation company you hire is licensed and insured in Florida – this will ensure that their work meets state building codes and regulations. Additionally, you should ask potential installers about their experience with installations in other Palm Beach homes – this will give you insight into their expertise level and quality of workmanship before making a decision. Additionally, impact windows are made from tempered glass which is thicker than regular glass so it won’t shatter if it is broken or hit by something.

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The Benefits of Replacing Your Doors with Impact Options

Impact windows and doors offer a variety of benefits for Palm Beach homeowners. Not only do they provide extra protection against strong winds and flying debris during high-intensity storms, but they also help reduce outside noise levels, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

Choosing the right impact windows and doors for your Palm Beach home can be a daunting task due to the numerous factors involved such as size, style & material types available on the market today. However, if done correctly it can provide added protection against storms and intruders while helping to lower energy costs over time due to improved insulation properties offered by these products. If you are considering installing impact windows and doors in your Palm Beach area residence then make sure that any installation company you hire is licensed and insured in Florida, like Window Replacement Group. This will ensure that their work meets state building codes and regulations while giving peace of mind knowing that the job was done properly!


You may expect lower energy expenses, protection from storms, and prevented break-in attempts if you install impact windows and doors. When it comes to saving money on utility bills, impact windows may make a huge difference. In the form of reduced expenditure on house cooling, this manifests as more cash in your pocket. We highly suggest installing impact windows and doors if you want to upgrade your house, protect your family from natural disasters, and cut down on your energy costs.

Remove the present window from the frame to install a hurricane impact window. Next, test the hurricane window in the frame. Take the window out and put sealant around the aperture. Finally, nail the window into the frame. Installed windows may be caulked using silicone.


Beautiful moldings and casings seal the window. Casings seal hurricane windows outdoors. This prevents air conditioner heat from escaping and keeps bugs away. Moldings seal and enhance the space.


Window Replacement Group follow high quality standards to install your impact windows according to manufacturer and HOA or municipal restrictions. We can help you get HOA or municipal construction permits before starting your installation process.

  1. Put a large towel beneath the window and fill a bucket with cold water and liquid dish soap.


  1. To clean the window, start at the top and work your way down using a sponge or a microfiber cloth. Don’t forget the window frames!


  1. Apply a liberal coating of your bottled cleaner to the windows. This may be a vinegar and water combination or a professional window cleaning solution.


  1. Dry the window using the Z-motion technique with a clean, lint-free cloth or pages from a black-and-white newspaper.


  1. Spray it down again and let it dry if you still notice grime or streaks. It may be necessary to clean the windows twice if they are especially grimy.


If you want to keep your soap from drying out on the window, you should probably wait for an overcast day.

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