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Impact doors and windows from Window Replacement Group are built to withstand nature’s forces. They are essential for Jupiter, Florida home protection. Our impact door and window solutions can protect your house from hurricanes. Our doors and windows are made using high-quality materials and modern technologies. Meeting the highest storm rating criteria requires intensive testing. This means our windows are resistant to extreme storm winds and debris. We promise you that our products’ hurricane ratings show our commitment to your safety and home protection during the Florida hurricane season. Installing our impact-resistant windows and doors protects your property and minimizes damage and recovery expenses. Window Replacement Group can help you stormproof your property. Our products are built to last, providing you piece of mind.

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How Impact Doors & Windows Keep Your Home Safer

Impact doors and windows are made to withstand the wind and weather conditions of a category 5 hurricane, including wind speeds of 158 mph. Their one-time installation and intense durability mean that your investment will stand up to anything with minimal upkeep. You won’t have to worry about prepping your home for a hurricane ever again because impact doors and windows require no additional hurricane preparations beyond their initial installment. These windows are also equipped with sturdy frames that provide excellent protection against leaks, keeping rain and flood waters out of your home.


Impact doors and windows are made of multiple layers of laminated glass that provide shatter resistance as well as unbeatable levels of durability. 

Each piece of glass is laser tested to ensure that it meets the quality assurance standards. The glass is tested against various projectiles to verify that they can withstand the impact of hurricanes and other damaging forces.

Impact doors and windows can reliably defend against the wind conditions of a category 5 hurricane, which can reach speeds of up to 158 mph. They can also defend against potential burglars since a blow from a hammer or crowbar will not be enough to damage the glass.

The cost of installing impact doors and windows in your home will depend entirely on the quantity, size, and style of windows and doors you need. Contacting us for a quote is the best way to know how much it will cost to outfit your home with new impact doors and windows.

Yes! Impact doors and windows not only protect your home against extreme weather, but they also protect against home invasions, add energy efficiency, noise reduction, and increased value to your property.

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