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Here at Window Replacement Group, we prioritize both the security of your home and the improvement of your living space. Our company is based in the peaceful community of Jupiter, Florida. The benefits of impact doors and windows showcase how our state-of-the-art products can enhance the security of your home while creating a quiet and serene environment. Our doors and windows are designed to minimize outdoor noise, such as traffic, neighbors, or storm winds. With our high-quality solutions, your home environment becomes quieter and more peaceful, creating the ideal atmosphere for relaxation, work, or spending quality time with loved ones. Our products at The Window Replacement Group provide a calming effect to your hectic life, offering a respite from the chaos outside.

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How Impact Doors & Windows Make Your Life Quieter

Impact doors and windows don’t just look great and protect your home from hurricanes, they can also make your mornings more peaceful with the added benefit of noise reduction. The layered glass and tightly sealed frames can reduce the amount of outside noise that penetrates your home, allowing you to have quieter down time and fewer obnoxious noise interruptions. Impact doors and windows also keep inside sound better contained, so you can turn up the volume at parties, get-togethers, and other in-home events without disturbing your neighbors. 


Impact doors and windows are made of multiple layers of laminated glass that provide shatter resistance as well as unbeatable levels of durability. 

Each piece of glass is laser tested to ensure that it meets the quality assurance standards. The glass is tested against various projectiles to verify that they can withstand the impact of hurricanes and other damaging forces.

Impact doors and windows can reliably defend against the wind conditions of a category 5 hurricane, which can reach speeds of up to 158 mph. They can also defend against potential burglars since a blow from a hammer or crowbar will not be enough to damage the glass.

The cost of installing impact doors and windows in your home will depend entirely on the quantity, size, and style of windows and doors you need. Contacting us for a quote is the best way to know how much it will cost to outfit your home with new impact doors and windows.

Yes! Impact doors and windows not only reduce the amount of outside noise, but they also protect your home against extreme weather and home invasions, add energy efficiency, and increase the value of your property.

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