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For all your North Palm Beach impact window and door needs, look no further than Window Replacement Group. Not only will our solutions increase your home’s energy efficiency, security, curb appeal, and noise cancellation, but they will also protect your home from hurricane-level winds and flying debris. Our American-made windows and doors made by manufacturers like ESWindows, Weather Shield, WinDoor, PGT, and CGI are the best in the industry.

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We stand behind the quality of the impact windows and doors we install with a strong 5-year warranty, so you can make a purchase with confidence. For more than three decades, we have been serving North Palm Beach and its surrounding Florida areas by replacing windows and doors. All our suppliers use premium materials, and they guarantee their work. Find a hurricane impact window or door that complements your home’s style and budget from our extensive inventory. Thanks to our partners Synchrony and Ygrene, you have numerous alternatives when it comes to financing your investment.

Certain considerations should be made while choosing impact windows and doors for your North Palm Beach house, including size, style, material type, color options, ventilation requirements, insulation factor, cost, and more. Consider the layout of your home, the number of windows you want, and what type of door would be practical. If you want to get the best door and window solution for your house, you should think about all these things before you make a selection.


Stronger, longer-lasting materials are also an option when replacing windows and doors. Contemporary frames are often constructed from fiberglass or vinyl, which offers more durability than conventional wood frames. As a result, they are better equipped to endure the daily wear and tear that comes with using them. Furthermore, aluminum, and other materials may need less upkeep than wood due to their resistance to decay caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. New, long-lasting windows and doors not only make your house safer for you and your family, but they also deter burglars and other outside forces from penetrating your home via its weakest points.

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