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What Are the Different Grades Of Impact Windows?

Are you considering replacing your windows with impact-resistant models? Have you heard about the different grades of impact windows available and wondered which one is best for your home? Impact windows provide an extra layer of protection from extreme weather conditions while also increasing energy efficiency, security, and overall value. Deciding which grade of impact windows is right for your property can be a challenging task with all the available choices. In this blog post we’ll explore the various grades of impact windows on offer and how they differ in terms of cost, installation requirements, maintenance costs, and more. So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on the different grades of impact windows – read on.

Impact Windows Overview

Impact windows are created to safeguard your house from intense weather conditions, for instance hurricanes and other inclement events. These windows are made of strong materials that can withstand high winds and flying debris, while also providing increased security for your home. Impact windows come in a variety of styles and grades, each offering its own unique benefits.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are made with two or more layers of laminated glass with an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between them. This PVB interlayer helps absorb impact energy, making the window resistant to shattering during extreme weather events like hurricanes. The frame is usually constructed from aluminum or vinyl for extra durability and strength against wind-borne debris.

For homeowners living in areas prone to stormy weather conditions such as Florida, Window Replacement Group specializes in installing impact windows that provide enhanced security against intruders; protection from UV rays which can damage furniture inside the house; improved energy efficiency due to their airtight seal when closed properly, and noise reduction capabilities by blocking outside sound waves up to 45 decibels, depending on the type of window chosen. Moreover, these windows offer hurricane protection – a feature invaluable for those residing where hurricanes are prevalent.

Impact windows are an excellent choice for any Florida homeowner looking to increase their home’s security, energy efficiency, and value. Let us now consider the various types of impact windows that are available for purchase.

Key Takeaway:

Window Replacement Group specializes in the installation of impact windows which provide enhanced security against intruders, protection from UV rays, improved energy efficiency, and noise reduction capabilities up to 45 decibels. In addition, these windows offer hurricane protection for those living where hurricanes are prevalent – invaluable when it comes to weathering storms.


Grades of Impact Windows

Impact windows come in different grades of quality that determine the level of protection they provide for your home. Grade-A impact windows are the highest quality and offer superior protection, while grade-B and C impact windows provide a lower level of protection at a more affordable price point.

Grade-A Impact Windows

These top-of-the-line windows are designed with multiple layers of laminated glass that can withstand wind speeds up to 180 mph or higher depending on the model you choose. The frames are made with a secure closure to keep out moisture during heavy downpours, making them ideal for locations near the sea that often experience flooding. In addition, these premium impact windows come with insulated glass that can help reduce energy costs by keeping conditioned air inside your home.

Grade-B Impact Windows

While not as strong as grade-A models, these mid-level impact windows still offer great value for homeowners looking for reliable hurricane protection without breaking the bank. Most grade-B models feature single layer tempered glass and vinyl frames which can handle winds up to 110 mph or higher depending on their design specifications. They also have sealed sashes that block drafts from entering your home, but may not be able to keep out all water during extreme storms like grade-A models do.

Grade-C Impact Windows

If you are looking for basic hurricane protection at an affordable price point, then this is the option for you. Grade-C impact window models usually feature aluminum frames filled with foam insulation which provides good structural strength against high winds but is not as durable as vinyl framed units found in grades A and B products. Additionally, most versions only use single layer tempered glass so they do not provide any additional benefits when it comes to soundproofing, or reducing energy bills like more expensive options do.

The different grades of impact windows provide homeowners with a variety of options to choose from depending on their needs and budget. When deciding on the appropriate grade, cost is a major consideration; thus, it’s essential to grasp the components influencing price and typical prices for each kind before settling on your choice.

Key Takeaway:

Impact windows come in a variety of grades to meet different needs and budgets, from the top-of-the line grade-A models that provide superior protection against hurricanes and flooding, to the more affordable grade-B and C options. All impact window grades offer reliable hurricane protection for your home at varying levels of strength and durability.


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Cost of Impact Windows

The expense of impact windows can vary depending on a few components, like the quality of window, dimensions and quantity necessary, installation fees, and any other options you pick. Grade-A impact windows are generally more expensive than Grade-B or C due to their higher quality construction and superior energy efficiency. On average, a single Grade-A impact window can range from $400 – $700 installed. For larger homes with multiple windows that need replacing, the total cost can be quite high.

Grade-B and C impact windows tend to be less expensive than Grade-A but still provide excellent protection from storms as well as some level of energy efficiency. The average cost for a single Grade-B or C window is around $250 – $450 installed depending on size and other factors.

When considering the cost of your new impact windows it is important to factor in potential savings in energy bills over time, due to improved insulation provided by these types of products. Energy efficient impact windows may qualify you for tax credits or rebates – which could reduce your overall investment significantly if they are available in your area. Factoring in the potential for increased home value when you decide to sell, impact windows can be a worthwhile investment.

The cost of impact windows varies depending on the grade and other factors, but they can be a worthwhile investment in terms of energy efficiency savings. Installation and maintenance are also important considerations when selecting an impact window that best fits your needs.


Installation and Maintenance of Impact Windows

Installing impact windows can be a challenging endeavor, so it is essential to hire an experienced professional who knows the various grades of these types of windows. Grade-A impact windows are typically the most expensive option, but they offer the highest level of protection from storms and intruders. Installation for these types of windows usually involves cutting into walls or other structures in order to properly fit them into place. Securely affixing all components is essential to stop any harm from occurring during strong gusts of wind or hurricanes.

Grade-B and C impact windows require less installation time due to their smaller size and simpler construction. Installation of these frames usually does not necessitate any trimming or alteration, so they can be put in by a single person quite rapidly. However, it is still important to ensure that all screws are properly tightened as well as making sure there is no water infiltration around the frame before closing up any gaps between the window frame and wall structure.

Once your new impact windows have been successfully installed, proper maintenance will help extend their lifespan, while keeping your home safe from weather-related damage such as wind uplift or air infiltration. It is recommended to clean the window frames regularly with mild soap and warm water in order to prevent dirt buildup which can reduce energy efficiency over time. Additionally, it is important to check for signs of wear on seals every few months, in order to identify potential problems early, before more serious issues arise down the line – such as leaking or broken glass panes caused by loose sealants.

Key Takeaway:

Installing impact windows can be a tricky process, and it is important to understand the different grades of window frames. Grade-A are typically the most expensive but offer the highest level of protection while grade-B and C require less installation time due to their smaller size and simpler construction. Proper maintenance should also be done in order to keep your home safe from weather-related damage such as wind uplift or air infiltration.


FAQs in Relation to What Are the Different Grades of Impact Windows?

Are there different grades of impact windows?

Yes, there are different grades of impact windows. The most common type is the basic grade which provides some protection from wind-borne debris and minor storms. For more severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, high velocity winds, or heavy rains you may want to consider a higher-grade window that offers enhanced protection against impacts and air infiltration. These products usually have thicker glass panels with reinforced frames for extra strength and durability.

What type of impact windows are best?

Grade-A impact windows are the best choice for homeowners looking to protect their homes from extreme weather conditions. These windows are designed with a special laminated glass that is shatter-resistant, and provides excellent protection against hurricane force winds, flying debris, and intruders. Additionally, they offer energy efficiency benefits by blocking out UV rays while providing superior insulation. Grade-A impact windows also increase the value of your home, as they provide an attractive aesthetic appeal in addition to offering reliable security features.

What is window impact rating D?

Window Impact Rating D is a rating given to windows and doors that have been tested for their ability to withstand high winds, flying debris, and water intrusion in hurricane-prone areas. This rating indicates the lowest level of protection available against windborne debris during hurricanes or other severe weather events. It also ensures very slight energy efficiency, as well as soundproofing capabilities.

What are the different impact window thicknesses?

The thickness of impact windows varies depending on the type and size of window. Single-pane frames range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch, while double-panes extend up to 2 inches and triple-panes can be as thick as 3 inches for ultimate protection. Triple-pane windows can be up to 3 inches thick for maximum protection against extreme weather conditions. All our products meet or exceed building codes and industry standards for energy efficiency, hurricane protection, and structural integrity.



In conclusion, when considering the different grades of impact windows for your Florida home, you need to consider cost and installation requirements. Impact windows are a great way to protect your home from hurricanes while also increasing its overall value and energy efficiency. Before settling on a particular grade of impact windows, ensure you have done sufficient research to guarantee the best product for your needs and budget.

Choose Window Replacement Group for your window and door replacement needs to ensure maximum protection from the elements. Our impact windows come in a variety of grades so you can find the perfect fit for your Florida home.

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